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Description of type preparation method and type letter of stop valve

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Our plant's stop valve technical personnel revealed that with the development of industry, the application of stop valve is more and more extensive, and the type and material types of stop valve are more and more, and the preparation of stop valve model is more and more complex. The standardization of stop valve model provides convenience for the design, selection, distribution and distribution of stop valve. The type of stop valve should usually reveal the type of stop valve, the driving style of stop valve, the connection situation of stop valve, structural characteristics of stop valve, nominal pressure of stop valve, sealing surface material of stop valve and body material of stop valve. No matter domestic or foreign, there is no standard for stop valve model Stainless steel valve Companies have their own set of stop valve models to disclose performance methods. For this reason, our company formulates the standard combining with the type of stop valve, and integrates the products of the company's stop valve, so as to accurately select the type of industrial pipeline and know more about the stop valve. Because the use of stop valve is wide Henan personnel examination Therefore, the stop valve plays a very important role. For example: in power plants, stop valves can control the operation of boilers and steam turbines; In the petroleum and chemical production, the stop valve also controls the normal operation of all production equipment and process flow. The same is true in other sectors. However, the globe valve is often ignored compared with other products.

Stop valve model compilation method, disclosure performance method: the stop valve model is to use symbols and numbers to reveal the structure and performance of the stop valve. The model of the stop valve is the same as that of the other seven units: ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ - ⑥ (wj41h-16c)
Additional code of stop valve: W bellows, D low temperature, B insulation, popular omitted
① Unit 1 - use a Chinese phonetic alphabet (J) to reveal the structure category of the performance stop valve: for example, J reveals the performance of the stop valve.
② Unit 2 - use a digit to reveal the driving mechanism of the stop valve, such as 0 electromagnetic drive, 6 pneumatic drive and 9 electric drive. The unit code can be omitted in normal manual operation.
③ Unit 3 - use one digit to reveal the connection between the stop valve and the pipeline, such as 1 internal thread, 2 external thread, 4 flange and 9 ferrule connection.
④ Unit 4 - use one digit to reveal the structural types of stainless steel valves, such as 1 longitudinal type, 2 Z type, 3-way type, 4-angle type, 5-y type, 6-way type, 7-angle type, etc.
⑤ Unit 5 - use pinyin alphabet to reveal the material representing the sealing surface or lining of stainless steel valves. Such as f fluororubber, H stainless steel, n nylon plastic, y cemented carbide, m Monel alloy, t copper and copper alloy, w valve body direct processing.
⑥ Unit 6 - nominal pressure values are directly revealed in Arabic numerals, which are 10 times higher than MPa SEO optimization And use a short line to separate from the first five units.
⑦ Unit 7 - reveal the body material with Chinese pinyin code letters. Such as a titanium alloy, C carbon steel, I chromium molybdenum steel, P stainless steel 304, R stainless steel 316.
For example, j63h-19.6v (II) is globe valve, manual drive (the second unit symbol is omitted), welded connection, longitudinal single gate, sealing surface of stainless steel, nominal pressure of 19.6Mpa, valve body material of chromium molybdenum vanadium steel, which is suitable for the stop valve of steam medium.

A complete set of commonly used stop valve models: the compilation method of check valve model and the disclosure of performance method

Flange stop valve: J41H, j41y, j41w

Low temperature stop valve: dj41h, dj41y, dj41f

Pneumatic stop valve: j641f, j641h, j641w

Insulation stop valve: bj41f, bj41h, bj41w

Fluorine lined stop valve: j41f46, j44f46, j45f46

Oxygen stop valve: jy41w, jy641h, jy41h

Threaded globe valve: j11f, j14h, J11W, j91w

Welding stop valve: J61Y, j61w, j961y, j961w

Electric stop valve: j941f, j941h, j941y, j941w

Angle globe valve: j44h, j44w, j47h, j44f, j47w

Bellows stop valve: wj41h, wj41w, wj41y, wz41f

Bevel gear stop valve: j541h, j541w, j541y, j561w, j561y

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