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Working principle of triple eccentric butterfly valve

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Now butterfly valves have been used in many industries. At first, butterfly valve was only used to cut off and connect the water medium, and the three eccentric design strengthened the function of butterfly valve, which has become the outstanding performance of industrial pipeline equipment Stainless steel valve one of. Three eccentric butterfly valve, as the name implies, is the three self force offset is designed as a stainless steel valve. In fact, many people do not know which one is triple eccentric butterfly valve due to lack of cognition. This article will talk about the working principle and characteristics of triple eccentric butterfly valve with Heng stainless steel valve factory.

The working principle of the three eccentric butterfly valve is that the valve body of the butterfly valve has a transverse valve port connected with the pipeline, and there is a valve plate in the valve port, and the axis is perpendicular to the valve port, and the valve body and valve plate are penetrated. An outer sphere is arranged at the edge of the valve plate, and a sealing surface which can be matched with the outer spherical surface is arranged on the valve port. When the sealing surface and the outer spherical surface are matched for sealing, there is an eccentricity a between the sealing line and the shaft axis, and there is an offset distance b between the transverse middle line of the valve plate, that is, the middle line of the valve port and the middle line of the rotary shaft, This is the principle of three eccentric butterfly valve.

Three eccentric butterfly valve cleverly put the three eccentricities on the valve plate, the outer edge of the valve plate adopts a special spherical structure. This structure needs to be completed on the CNC machine tool with a simple fixture designed by ourselves. The outer eccentric spherical surface is polished to reach the roughness of Ra0.4. The spherical surface is chrome plated or castellate alloy, and the hardness reaches hrc45-60. The eccentric angle is placed on the valve plate, and the valve seat is pressed on the valve body with a pressure ring, which solves the difficulties encountered in the processing of the popular three eccentric butterfly valve. The valve body, valve plate and valve seat can not be used in pairs, and the maintenance cost is too high after damage. Moreover, all parts are modular, the warehouse management is simple, the processing is simple and the maintenance is convenient, and the cost of spare parts is reduced. The butterfly valve is suitable for making large diameter stainless steel valve, and can be widely used in oil pipeline cutting, metallurgy and steel plant, gas main pipeline regulation and cutting, chemical smelting assembly medium regulating and cutting off, water treatment equipment inlet and outlet regulating and cutting, cooling water system of thermal power station, natural gas, alkali liquor, seawater, acid liquor and other industries. Three eccentric butterfly valve features are as follows: 1. Simple structure, light weight, only by a few parts. The operation is simple. 2. After the valve plate is fully opened, the thickness of butterfly plate is the only resistance of medium passing through the valve body, and the pressure is small, which can better control the flow. 3. When the valve plate is closed, the specific pressure between the outer spherical surface of the valve plate and the sealing surface of the valve seat is generated by the driving torque applied to the shaft. In addition, the elastic compensation of M-type elastic valve seat can strengthen the sealing performance of stainless steel valve and greatly improve its service life.

The valve stem axis deviates from the middle of disc and body at the same time, and the rotation axis of valve seat has a certain angle with the channel axis of valve body, which is called three eccentric butterfly valve.

Three self operated offsets are designed as stainless steel valves.

 Working principle of triple eccentric butterfly valve

What is triple eccentric butterfly valve? Do you know three eccentric butterfly valve?

1) middle line of disc / seat sealing surface,

2) the position of the shaft relative to the middle line of the hole;

3) the axis of the seat cone angle offset from the middle line of the valve hole.

The combination of these three offsets provides a tapered sealing surface, greatly reducing wear between the seat and seal, and improving the service life and sealing performance of stainless steel valves. In addition, the excellent seat surface is reduced to a small value, and the working torque of stainless steel valve is reduced.

As usual, it is superior to other metal seat stainless steel valve types because of its sealing characteristics and cost. Because of the compact structure, rotary design and lightweight structure, they can be installed and operated easily without tube support. Replaceable sealing rings, allowing fast and simple maintenance and low torque (allowing smaller drives) mean more cost savings.

Two way zero leakage sealing metal seat has only one soft seat stainless steel valve. This will greatly expand the possibility of application. Naive sealing rings and excellent torque transmission mean that these stainless steel valves can provide fire safety design and sealing performance over a wide temperature range as usual butterfly valve designs. ? The traditional lighting of buildings in Beijing may lead to the generation of oil and natural gas processing, oil refining, chemical and petrochemical plants, power generation, offshore platforms, heating, papermaking, steel mills, sugar mills, seawater desalination, water treatment and distribution. Their use in all industries has increased stringent authority regulations and greater production demand, forcing users to pursue solutions. It has been existed for decades, and features provide a lot of good solutions Website ranking Optimization, including those with greater provocation. These benefits include operational compliance, wear resistant media and chemicals to definite temperatures or pressures, and versatility in numerous operating conditions.

What is triple eccentric butterfly valve? Do you know three eccentric butterfly valve?

To further improve the safety and performance of stainless steel valves by using the design features and functions provided by the next generation design

1. The metal to metal seal is formed by using the sealing surface and sealing ring of fine machining. Even in high temperature, high pressure and other harsh service environment, it can achieve two-way sealing and zero leakage. Low friction and streamlined standard right angle cone design, metal to metal can solve the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction, which is the tension characteristic of service in high temperature and high pressure environment. Metal to metal seals are permitted to be used in oil fields with fire protection requirements.

2. Excellent valve seat sealing surface design. The valve seat sealing surface is overlaid with Stellite hard alloy on the stainless steel valve body, which has longer service life and better wear resistance, even if it is used repeatedly. This sealing structure design reduces the friction with the butterfly plate and reduces the working torque.

3. Special valve seat design uses stainless steel valve, which can adjust the seal of stainless steel valve actively. Floating seal ring and a wide seal ring support gasket, the use of sealing and opening and closing more reliable. This seat ensures a two-way sealing feature for stainless steel valves.

4. The positioning pin of the stainless steel valve is located at the very low position of the butterfly plate. It is allowed to have excellent performance during thermal expansion, which can greatly reduce the disturbance of the valve stem. therefore Weifang website construction Stainless steel valves have a long service life.

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