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How to maintain stainless steel valve

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1. Maintain Stainless steel valve Cleaning of external and moving parts

It is reported by stainless steel valve manufacturers that the appearance of stainless steel valve, the trapezoidal thread on the stem and stem nut, the sliding parts of stem nut and bracket, gear, worm and worm gear are easy to deposit a lot of dirt such as dust, oil and medium residue, which will cause wear and corrosion to the stainless steel valve. Therefore, stainless steel valves should always be kept clean. The common dust on the stainless steel valve can be swept by brush and compressed air, or even by copper wire brush until the machined surface and mating surface show metallic luster, and the paint surface shows the natural color of paint. In addition, Tongheng stainless steel valve manufacturers suggest that the flushing valve and the bottom plug of steam trap should be opened regularly for flushing, or removed for flushing regularly, so as to avoid dirt blocking the stainless steel valve.

2. Keep the stainless steel valve lubricated

The bearing position, the meshing part of gear and worm gear and other matching moving parts need excellent lubrication conditions to reduce friction and avoid mutual wear. For the parts without oil cup or nozzle, which are easy to be damaged or lost during operation, Tongheng stainless steel valve manufacturer suggests that the lubricating system should be repaired and equipped, and the unblocking of oil circuit should be verified. The lubricating parts should be lubricated regularly according to the details. Often open, high temperature stainless steel valve suitable for interval of a week to a month, oil once exposed on the surface of the lubricating parts.

3. Maintain daily maintenance of electric assembly

Cost effective stainless steel valve manufacturers believe that the maintenance of electric assembly, as usual, not less than once a month. The maintenance contents include that the appearance should be clean without dust accumulation, and the assembly should not be contaminated by steam water and oil; The sealing surface and points shall be firm and precise. In addition, it should be kept free of signs of leakage, so Tongheng stainless steel valve manufacturer thinks that the lubricating parts should be lubricated according to the regulations, and the valve seat nut should be greased. In addition, the electrical part should be complete and in good condition Web design in Wuhan The active switch and thermal relay should not trip and the indicator should be accurate.

Generally speaking, in order to maintain the stainless steel valve, it is necessary to carry out the operation according to the above methods described by Tongheng stainless steel valve manufacturer. That is to say, it is necessary to clean the stainless steel valve in response, to maintain the lubrication of the stainless steel valve and to do a good job of routine maintenance for the electrical assembly of the stainless steel valve, so as to extend the life cycle of the stainless steel valve, Make it play more practical value.

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