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What is the reason for the damage of sealing surface and ball valve? Affect the ball valve switch

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  ? ? Sealing surface and ball valve damage two main reasons are: one is Stainless steel valve The switch is not in place; Second, the sealing surface is damaged. There are several reasons for the failure of ball valve switch:

? ? ? ? 1. Because of the structure of the ball valve, the materials are easy to accumulate, and the valve cavity, bearing cavity, spring and valve cavity are easy to accumulate. Because of the structure of the ball valve, the material is difficult to handle, and purging will greatly affect the coating of the ball.

? ? ? ? 2. Due to frequent switching, the internal parts of the ball valve are changed and the mechanical properties are changed.

3. The output of cylinder is too small to produce enough torque.

4. In the lock bucket valve, the ball valve always appears the sign of pressure holding and jamming, which is determined by the lock bucket valve in its process position Marketing Planning The structure of ball valve cannot be avoided.

5. Signs of metal bonding, the important sign is that the manufacturer does not match the hard coating selection.

6. The important reason for the failure of the scraper is that the manufacturer did not select the appropriate material when selecting the scraper material, which made it not rigid enough and easy to deform Mobile app In addition, the spring force is not enough for the spring selection.

7. The packing failed because it was easily damaged by high-pressure transformation at the slag locking position of the lock bucket.

8. Heat expansion and cold contraction

There are several reasons for the damage of sealing surface of ball valve

1. The signs of metal bonding are as follows: 1 Hard seal ball valve The damage can be said to be a great meritorious official.

2. Corrosion.

3. Creep.

4. Wear.

5. Erosion, because the ball valve in the use process, corrosion, creep, friction is continuous, and the erosion and friction of the ball valve is always a part of friction, and the small damage leads to the aggravation of scouring, and eventually makes the ball valve completely scrapped.

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