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The methane emission control alliance of Chinese oil and gas enterprises was established recently

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On May 18, the establishment meeting of methane emission control alliance of Chinese oil and gas enterprises was held in Beijing. The conference jointly issued the declaration of methane emission control alliance, carried out methane emission control of the whole industrial chain of oil and gas industry, and implemented the transformation and development of clean and low-carbon energy with practical measures. This will promote the realization of China's dual carbon target and the low-carbon transformation and development of oil and gas enterprises. Huang Yongzhang, member of the Party group and deputy general manager of the group company, attended the meeting.

The methane emission control alliance of China's oil and gas enterprises is committed to creating a high-quality and open platform for sharing and cooperation in technical experience, improving the level of methane emission control, and actively participating in global weather governance; Jointly promote the systematization, normalization, standardization and internationalization of methane monitoring and measurement; In the whole industrial chain of oil and gas production, storage and transportation and sales, we should promote the implementation of methane leakage detection and repair (LDAR) and other useful emission control measures; Strengthen the utilization of air recovery in the process of exploration and development; We should actively develop new energy sources and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels in the oil and gas production process. PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, national pipeline network, Beijing gas, China Resources gas and new Austrian energy are members of the methane emission control alliance of China's oil and gas enterprises.

It is reported that members of the alliance will integrate the concept of green and low-carbon development into the whole process of enterprise production and operation, carry out research and promotion of relevant standards for methane emission control, promote the standardization and transparency of industrial emission data, issue industry reports regularly, and share good practices of methane control of Chinese oil and gas enterprises. Taking the establishment of the alliance as an opportunity, all member enterprises will incorporate methane emission control into the development plan of carbon emission reduction, comprehensively improve the level of methane emission control, strive to reduce the average emission intensity of methane in natural gas production process to less than 0.25% by 2025, close to the world's advanced level, and strive to reach the world-class level by 2035, Influence of continuous promotion of Chinese oil and gas enterprises in global weather governance pattern Xi'an personnel examination Sign up to show the responsibility of Chinese enterprises.

Huang Yongzhang revealed that PetroChina is fully promoting methane emission control and reduction, and formulated and implemented the "methane emission control measures plan" in 2020, and the methane emission intensity in the same year decreased by 6% compared with that in 2019. PetroChina is one of the proponents of "methane emission control alliance of China's oil and gas enterprises", and also the first chairman unit. PetroChina is willing to work hand in hand with domestic oil and gas production, storage, transportation and sales enterprises, earnestly fulfill the declaration commitment, sincerely accept the social and public supervision, actively promote methane emission control measures, participate in and lead China's oil and gas enterprises to achieve world-class methane emission control level as soon as possible.

At the meeting Baidu ranking Representatives from the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of ecological environment, the state owned assets supervision and administration, and the representatives of the United Nations Environment Programme in China delivered speeches respectively. Representatives of all member units jointly launched the Establishment Ceremony of methane emission control alliance, and the guests of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC talked at the meeting. The meeting also invited three experts from Tsinghua University, China Petroleum Safety and environmental protection technology research institute and Sinopec to make special reports.

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